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Thursday, July 14, 2005

ff: Pizza King, Karori

How come this is a ff, and not a fff? Answer: Pizza King is an independent pizza (fast food) place working inside the shell of fff (fast food franchise) Pizza Haven who got taken over by Pizza Doo-dah. They then got nasty and things went from dealing with bully boy b*stards more concerned with profit than with food to the next step... The practical upshot is suddenly the packaging isn't as nice to eat as the pizza, which is how it used to be in the old days. Nowadays there's more of an emphasis on producing a pizza with a topping. Seems uncomplicated, but it seems food is the first victim when a food war breaks out.

Just down the road from where I lived in Melbourne there was a tiny, family run, hole-in-the-wall kind of pizza place. Their pizza boxes were deeper to accommodate the depth of the topping. Their pizzas were something to be proud of. Maybe I'm exceptional, but to me the base is just something to hold the topping. The topping is not a garnish for the base.

I'm hoping Pizza King will become that. They're on the way, but still have a way to go. We had the Hawaiian, Supreme, and Italiano; and two boxes of oven baked chips. The chips had a bit of a spicy tang, and they were really hot. We managed to score some excellent burnt gums in the car going home. The pizzas went down very well - something of a shadow of the Melbourne variety, but it was agreed, 'heaps better than before'.

How to take a better photograph. Line everything up. Focus. Take a step forward. Focus if necessary. Make the photo. How to make a better pizza. Get the base. Add ingredients up to the price. Focus. Take step forward, add more ingredients. Charge an extra couple of dollars. Bake in a wood fired oven. Make a pizza to be proud of. It's not hard. It's not common.

Big advice: Deliver or pick up. If you go for pick up then give 'em a call so the food is ready when you get there so you don't chill out. Try to figure out what (on the King's Gourmet) '$2.00 extra per large pizza and only available on a medium base' actually means. Don't ask about the different bases unless your idea of a good time is solving su doku. We tried. Made no sense at all.


Points off: At 8:00 on a miserable Karori night, just going home from work, waiting for the pizza is freezing. Something to read, something to watch, something to do while we wait would be nice.

Points on: Thank you for being an independent pizza place - please love it and let the love show in your food. Thanks for not spending zillions on packaging, for the fridge magnets, for making food hot enough to burn us (almost unheard of in the fff world) and for being open at 8:00 on a Thursday night in Karori.

Parking: suburbia. Usually no problem. Slip into the bottle store across the road, order a pizza pick up and grab some beer - oops - [thinks: it's Karori] - Chianti, laugh until you snort with the locals, and then snag the pizza on the way out.

Three large pizzas, two oven baked chips, $ 32.75.

Pizza King
102 Karori Road (just a notch along the road into darkest Karori from the fire station.)
476 7611 - 0800 292 292


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